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Eorian Reverie
I'm Berlin.

I like to draw

This is my blog
I could post almost
I don't know really
what to really put in my blog.

I'm very Optimistic.

Stay hip.
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I believe.

I believe in dreams
For its all that I have.

To grasp the things that does not
To know the false
To prove the truth.
To understand the abstract
And to make it concrete

I do believe in forever
It exists in human hands
All you need to do is to see;
To dream.

I do believe in the impossible
For it has been the truth
As long as I believe.

I believe my cause,
In my breath.
I defy to make light,
I defy because I believe.

There is something with the way
She looks at me
That made me want to kiss her
There is something with the way
She asks why
That made me want to kiss her even more

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.
Isaiah 43:18

Today, I finally finished giving away all of my DotA 2 items.
I gave my items to some new friends and some great old.

I don’t really play videogames frequently anymore, so I decided to give them away rather than to let them perpetually remain in my inventory and to be not used for a long period of time and I also wanted to fully embrace my future, to reinforce and give proof my dedication to my family, my girlfriend, and my friends.

This is a phase of my life where I open my soul for the future ahead of me.
This is when I remove a part of my life to fully embrace a new and much more fulfilling ones.To most, these are just priceless pixels but for me they are worth more than anything,
for they are a part of my memories
They are a part of the bond that me and my brethren shared.

These items are a part of the essence of the brotherhood that me and my friends built through the most common likes.

I’ve fully decided for myself,
For the benefit of myself, the people that I love,
and the future that I want to build.

So, here I am.
I feel fulfilled,
I feel that I can touch the skies.
I’m happier more than ever.
I’m ready to fully love the people round me,
Especially the people who are really dear to my heart.
I’d do anything for you baby.

Some may have the greatest minds and thoughts, but their idiotic nature removes the presence of logic, morals, values, and retrospection.







Daughter tells her Dad he’s going to be a Grandpa [x]

When he says “really” ;’)

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my heart is not okay.. I’m about to cry

I cried already.

This is so precious

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Two days from now,
It’ll mark the first week of our relationship.

To be honest, I don’t really know how to express
These abstract thoughts and feelings, it just keeps flowing
on and on without confusion. All that I know is that love you truly.

I have faith in you.
I want you to know that I’ll love you 5ever.
For the past few days, you’ve made me very happy
and developed my values, you made a quite a better person.
I’ll do anything to this relationship work out,
Kahit anong mangyari.

I want you to be happy always.
Thank you for being in my our story,
Ibang iba talaga ang tadhana no?

A few days past, much more days to look forward too

I love you very very much, Emerlynne
Stay strong always :)

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I remain to not exist.

I exist like I have never existed.

I’ve walked under sight
Yet my existence was not acknowledged

I consumed,
I weaved, and
I loved with extreme passion, yet
I remain to not exist-

I miss you.
I you want to be in my arms right now;
To brush your hair with my hand
As I tell you that you’re beautiful
and dear;
As I tell you that you’re one of the greatest blessings
That I have ever received 
and I shall treasure you 
with all of my heart till the end of eons;
As i tell you that make me happy;
As i tell you that I love you
Without a doubt.

I absolutely miss you.

I miss your smiles;
I miss your laughs;
I miss the warmth of your soul,
The warmth of your hands,
The warmth of your heart.

I’m just filled with excitement
For the next day to come,
The day when I see you
Once again,
Dripping In gold.